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An Cosán

Since Goodbody began our partnership with An Cosán in January 2019, more than 150 volunteers across the company have helped in raising funds, participated in great initiatives and taken part in fun events. Such high levels of engagement have been so important to bringing us closer to our goal of leaving a lasting, sustainable legacy for An Cosán that goes beyond financial support.

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Goodbody and An Cosán were announced as joint winners of The People’s Choice Award as part of The Charity Excellence Awards 2020 from Charities Institute Ireland. Not only do these awards celebrate excellence across charity partnerships - we are so proud that this award also reflects the voice of the entire community.

Below is an outline of the activities and achievements of the Goodbody-An Cosán programme for the last year:


Goodbody launched the AnCosánathon in response to the huge challenges that An Cosán and the communities they support were facing due to the COVID 19 crisis. The fundraising initiative involved staff taking up a 5-day skills challenge, recording their efforts and results and nominating others to do the same. 

Hell and Back

Goodbody’s flagship fundraising event in 2019 attracted an exceptional level of participation, with a total of 49 Goodbody staff from across the business competing on the day, making it highly successful not just in terms of fundraising, but also in terms of employee engagement.

Spring Ball

Goodbody Sports and Social Committee hosted a charity raffle at the annual Spring Ball with all proceeds going to An Cosán.

Interview Workshop

The ability to conduct a strong, impactful interview is a life skill and many An Cosán learners find interviews to be daunting, intimidating and very challenging. The aim of the interview workshop was to change that perspective for the better and to help equip participants for what is to come when they are ready to rejoin the workforce. A total of 28 Goodbody staff took part in this initiative, delivering structured interviews to 13 An Cosán learners.

Mentorship Programme

This initiative involves Goodbody mentors engaging with An Cosán mentees to help them develop specific skills and knowledge to enhance their professional and personal growth. The response has been very strong with 31 mentors from across the organisation signing up to date.

The Goodbody Path

This programme, which has continued throughout the lifetime of the CSR partnership, is designed to create a direct, productive connection between Goodbody staff and An Cosán at a learner level. It has been truly embraced by staff.

iPhone Buy-Back Scheme

In 2019, Goodbody started a rollout of new iPhone devices, which provided an opportunity to repurpose the older phones and sell them at a reduced price to Goodbody staff. All funds raised were donated directly to An Cosán.

Staff Salary Contribution

Goodbody introduced a voluntary payroll deduction to make it easy for staff to contribute to An Cosán on a monthly basis. This steady commitment from staff will raise considerable annual funds for the duration of our partnership which Goodbody Management has agreed to match.





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