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"A number of factors informed my decision to relocate to Ireland. Firstly, the opportunity to work in the aviation space in one of the leading industry centres was compelling. Secondly, I was impressed by the integrated approach and commitment shown across the Goodbody franchise to monetise this expertise. Finally Dublin has all the attributes of a capital city without many of the drawbacks of commuting times, urban sprawl, distant airports and pollution that can blight other capitals. Bottom line, Dublin is a fantastically liveable city with a strong financial and professional culture and is only a short 'bus ride' from the other major capitals of Europe."

“Having worked in Global & European banks in Equity Sales for the past fifteen years, I felt I could really add value in a corporate broking role so I was naturally very attracted to the challenge of developing the Goodbody Corporate Broking franchise in London. I always associated Goodbody as being the leading investment advisory house/broker in Ireland with an attractive culture. It offers the best of both worlds - I get to spend more time in Ireland with my family and friends as I now travel to Dublin at least twice a month but still get to maintain my career in London. It is exciting to be part of the company’s expansion into London which will hopefully become an integral part of the business”