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"I thought that the internship programme was an outstanding opportunity. You were given responsibility from day one. From day one, I felt as though I was a part of the Goodbody team and that everyone truly wanted to help with my development"

"I felt the Internship Programme gave me a distinct advantage in terms of getting a hands on overview of my industry and gaining invaluable experience. As a recent graduate starting to climb the career ladder I found Goodbody very accommodating. Both my colleagues and managers were driven and passionate, which was very encouraging"

"I was amazed at the amount of time invested by senior staff to teach us the skills required in the industry"

"The internship has given me a chance to be involved in work that requires me to gain new skills and experience with real potential to grow professionally in a strong and positive culture"

"The internship programme at Goodbody has given me the opportunity to enhance my knowledge of the business world as a whole. I worked alongside some of the best in the industry and was given the chance to put everything I learnt in university into action. I got to see and hear about all parts of the company; from wealth management to finance to the trading desk. By touching on different aspects of the company I got a feel for how I want to develop my career further and the road I want to go down in the future. All members at Goodbody were so welcoming, making the adaption to the working world natural. I would really recommend this internship programme"

"Being an intern at Goodbody means real responsibility, real experiences and most importantly, real opportunities. The internship programme has been a hugely enjoyable experience, and even landed me my dream job"