As charities face a host of new regulatory issues, it is now more important than ever that Irish charities and their Directors and Trustees seek expert advice.

As well as providing that market leading investment advice, Goodbody Advisory Services has gained considerable experience in assisting not for profit clients implement best practice corporate governance for investments.

The Goodbody Advisory team is led by Michelle O’Keefe who brings significant experience working with charitable organisations, credit unions, friendly societies, pension trusts and religious organisations.

How we can help charities?

  • Our dedicated team can help implement corporate governance for investments.
  • Design and implement investment strategy in line with the charity’s investment objectives.
  • Provide advice and guidance to Directors and Trustees on complying with pending regulatory requirements.
  • Written investment recommendations ensuring a strong audit trail and transparency on all decisions.
  • Assist in developing investment policy including ethical considerations.
  • Ongoing cash and treasury management.
  • Manage FX exposure for overseas charities.

Our commitment to our charity clients

  • We work with each charity to develop a long-term solution based on expected returns, time horizons and appropriate levels of risk.
  • We offer transparent pricing.

Why not speak to the team today about how we can help your charity navigate the regulatory and investment environment