The Goodbody Dividend Income Fund Suite is a range of three funds that offers investors targeted exposure to a mix of diversified asset classes.

Range of similar funds: sources of return and income

There are three funds currently within the Goodbody Dividend Income Fund Suite:

  • Goodbody Dividend Income 3 Fund (GDI 3)
  • Goodbody Dividend Income 4 Fund (GDI 4), and
  • Goodbody Dividend Income 6 Fund (GDI 6).

The aim of the Fund Suite is to provide investors with the option to either dial up or dial down exposure to risk within a range of similar funds.

A portfolio of 35 - 45 quality global dividend paying companies provides the ‘engine’ for real returns throughout the investment cycle within the Fund Suite. Additional asset classes are used to manage risk and provide diversification.

The Funds are designed to meet a variety of investor goals and can be used on a stand-alone basis or as building blocks to form part of an overall investment solution.

Fund Suite: Strategic equity exposures

Why consider the Goodbody Dividend Income Fund Suite?

  • Multi-asset with target returns - The Funds invest in high quality dividend paying equities which act as the engine of real returns for investors. Other assets, such as cash, fixed income and exchange traded funds are used to provide diversification and reduce volatility within the Fund Suite.
  • Active asset allocation - The Investment Team employs an asset allocation framework to tactically adjust exposure to equities throughout the investment cycle.
  • Risk management strategy - Gives additional protection against downside risks. This strategy helps to reduce volatility and smooth the returns journey for investors.

Fund Information

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