The Goodbody Global Leaders Fund is an actively managed, concentrated, global equity Fund that invests in a diversified portfolio of 35 - 45 companies that dominate their industries. We believe that some of the best long-term investment opportunities come from investing in these market leaders where relentless innovation sustains their position and drives long-term growth.

The Fund’s objective is to deliver long-term capital growth and aims to outperform its benchmark, the MSCI World Index, by 2 - 3% per annum over the medium to long-term.

We define Global Leaders as companies that have leading positions in their industries because of strong barriers to entry and an innovation culture. These barriers give these companies pricing power that, in turn, fuels higher profits. These companies set themselves apart by using the extra profits to fund innovation. They enjoy a Virtuous Circle of Innovation.

Why invest in Global Leaders?

  • More profitable today: Invest in a select group of dominant companies with sustained leadership positions. Global Leaders are typically among the most profitable companies in their industry.
  • More profitable tomorrow: Relentless innovation sustains their leading positions and provides sustainably higher growth and profitability over time. The Fund invests in companies with some of the best track records of successful innovation. These leaders of today can also be the most profitable companies of tomorrow.
  • Investment opportunity: Global Leaders present a compelling risk/reward opportunity as they consistently widen the gap with competitors. This can lead to significant share price outperformance over time.

Fund Video

Learn more about the Goodbody Global Leaders Fund from Damien Meade - Senior Fund Manager – Goodbody Asset Management

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