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Investment Tax Guide 2023

A brief guide to Irish taxation of investments 

The Investment Tax Guide 2023 is the second edition of this annual publication that was created in response to a steadily increasing volume of complex, investment specific tax questions from our clients and professional partners in the accountancy, legal and tax space that we work alongside. This year the Investment Tax Guide has been co-authored with Chartered Accountants Ireland to deliver a resource that covers a few additional areas of investment tax, but still maintains its original intention to serve as an ongoing reference to aid in considering the tax implications of specific investments. 


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Pictured: Dr Brian Keegan, Director of Public Policy, Chartered Accountants Ireland and Catriona Coady, Head of Tax, Goodbody Wealth Management

Inside the Investment Tax Guide 2023 you’ll find summary tax tables, overviews by investment vehicles and a glossary of terms. Organising the Investment Tax Guide 2023 by investment type allows for quicker access to tax information regarding investments that you or your clients are currently using, considering purchasing, or thinking about selling.

Strategic planning is a big part of what we do at Goodbody. As a firm, we approach wealth management holistically for our clients, always considering the big picture which includes tax implications. We endeavour to be a collaborative partner, solving problems and simplifying the financial planning process for both our clients and professional colleagues and we built this guide with ease of use in mind. We hope you find this resource useful. 


Access our Investment Tax Guide 2023 today


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