Do pensions need a rebrand?

The best way to accumulate wealth

Would you like to shelter up to €2 million of assets from tax in a ringfenced investment account in your own name? Would you like to take out €200,000 of this tax-free at retirement plus a further €300,000 at a 20% tax rate?

Only pensions do that. A pension is not just a long-term savings product to fund a retirement. A pension is actually a sophisticated investment holdings structure for growing personal wealth. This is particularly applicable to business owners, wealth creators and high-level professionals – people with the potential to earn very high incomes and, therefore, are vulnerable to high tax. Yes, pensions come with the bonus of tax reliefs on accumulation. But the real opportunity for high earners is the ability to use this tool to seed a personal investment pot which also enjoys tax-free growth.

The tax advantages are significant but how the money is managed is at the discretion of the holder and this can really make an impact to personal wealth over time. The opportunity to direct investment growth and create wealth in this way is sizeable. Further, this benefit offers an important way for owners to diversify their wealth away into other assets to mitigate risk from their principal income stream.

While typical company schemes direct funds into cookie cutter style asset allocations, our clients can create bespoke portfolios and investment solutions that match their needs in a much more personalised way. For some that might mean direct qualifying private equity investments and direct property. What instruments should be favoured based on your appetite for risk? Can those investments be passed on to your spouse or children tax efficiently?