Offering attractive growth and diversification benefits, The Goodbody Smaller Companies Fund is an actively managed, concentrated global equity fund that offers investment in a diversified portfolio of 35 - 45 small/mid-sized growth companies.

The Fund’s objective is to deliver long-term capital growth and aims to outperform its benchmark, the MSCI World Small/Mid cap index by 2 - 3% per annum over the medium to long-term.

What companies are considered for the Fund?

The focus of the Fund is to invest in small/mid cap companies globally with high quality and sustainable growth characteristics. We seek to invest in companies that have a sound long-term business strategy, are led by experienced management teams and are positioned to take advantage of exciting future growth prospects.

Targeting companies at growth segment of lifecycle

Why consider the Goodbody Smaller Companies Fund?

  • Return enhancement potential - Global small/mid cap equities have historically offered a compelling risk/reward opportunity when compared to their large cap counterparts.
  • Diversification benefits - The Fund invests in a segment of the equity market that is frequently overlooked and neglected by other investors.
  • Proven smaller company expertise - Our investment team has successfully delivered strong performance in the small/mid cap segment of the equity market over the last 10 years.

Fund Information

Access monthly factsheets and fund brochures relating to Smaller Companies Fund here.