Empowering women through financial literacy

08 March 2024

To mark International Women’s Day this year, we’re reflecting on our partnership with THE GLOSS magazine – and how together we strive to inspire inclusion through THE GLOSS x Goodbody Investment Club, a female-focused community that promotes financial education and empowers candid conversations on topics that matter to women. 

The coming years are set to be transformational for women’s wealth: by 2030, it is estimated that 45% of wealth in Western Europe will be held by women1 as they continue to build up significant personal and pension wealth through their careers, take control of more board seats, and build businesses (and be bought out at levels that make them very wealthy).

Yet research shows that only two out of five women say they are confident in making financial decisions2.

That’s why in October 2021 Goodbody and THE GLOSS magazine joined forces to launch THE GLOSS x Goodbody Investment Club to make sure that women have a route to education, knowledge and expertise to give them the confidence to take ownership of their own financial and investment decisions and to help them find security today and in the  future.

Financial literacy – a core life skill

According to a report published by the OECD in December 2023, financial literacy – which has been recognised at a global level as a core life skill in the 21st century – is a combination of financial awareness, knowledge, skills and the attitudes and behaviours necessary to make sound financial decisions and ultimately achieve individual financial well-being.

However, it found that among many adults the understanding of certain basic financial concepts and the application of basic financial skills may not be sufficient to take sound financial decisions in challenging economic contexts.

At Goodbody, we believe financial inclusion and having access to a robust financial education is key to achieving economic and social equality – and we are passionate about empowering women to become more financially literate.

After we launched the Investment Club, we soon discovered there was significant demand for information and a real thirst for knowledge – and so after helping our members grow their financial knowledge by sharing educational content and newsletters, hosting educational webinars, and running fantasy trading competitions, late last year we launched the Introduction to Investing Masterclass.

Designed exclusively for Investment Club members, the Introduction to Investing Masterclass is a seven-module series comprised of short, jargon-free videos, practical case studies and quizzes for you to complete at your own pace. The topics range from starting your investment journey to market trends and financial planning, including pensions guidance and inheritance planning. The first five modules are available on the Investment Club hub – click here to access them.

International Women’s Day and beyond

Today, we have almost 1,400 Investment Club members – and we continue to see our Investment Club community grow through initiatives like the Introduction to Investing Masterclass.

Last year, 24,000 trades were made as part of the 2023 Investment Club Fantasy Trading Competition, and we raised €18,000 for charity in doing so. Meanwhile, The Gloss Gala 2023, held in association with Goodbody and themed ‘In women we trust’, brought together 1,600 women from finance, banking, media, law, marketing, government, recruitment and tech, where everything from fashion to finance and feminism was discussed. We continue to  keep in touch with our members through monthly newsletters and in-person events.

We are proud of the small part we are playing in helping to close the gap in financial literacy through the Investment Club – and our commitment to increasing the financial confidence of women continues beyond today. We will be launching the final two modules of the Introduction to Investing Masterclass in April and May and THE GLOSS x Goodbody Investment Club will be hosting in-person events in the coming months for our members across the country. The Gloss Gala 2024 in association with Goodbody which is the most fun, inspiring and elegant evening networking event in Ireland will return in November. So, to our club members and soon-to-be members, keep an eye out for new modules, event invites and our monthly newsletters!

Sign up to join THE GLOSS x Goodbody Investment Club today!

Remember, you must sign up to join the Investment Club.  A membership fee of €15 is required to access the course.  This fee goes to our chosen charity. A complimentary financial health check is also available to all members. Click here to sign up.  

1 McKinsey & Co as at June 2022. See: https://www.mckinsey.com/industries/financial-services/our-insights/wake-up-and-see-the-women-wealth-managements-underserved-segment

2Women’s Wealth 2030’ by UBS.

This is a marketing communication.

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