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Investment Education Hub

Introducing Goodbody Investment Education Series

Investor education videos to help you on your investment journey

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Why Invest?

David Gannon, Associate Wealth Manager

Investing is for everyone, and it can make your goals and dreams come through. Find out how.

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Investment Goals

David Gannon, Associate Wealth Manager

Setting financial goals is key to reaching your wealth targets. We show you how to do this for each stage of your life.

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Getting Started

Jean Barry, Associate Wealth Manager

Getting started on your first investment plan can seem daunting. We show you how to begin your investment journey.

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Investment Goals - Growing Wealth

David Gannon, Associate Wealth Manager

A good investment strategy is key to growing your wealth, but a long time horizon and a calm temperament are also essential. Let’s explore.

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Investment Goals - Education

Jean Barry, Associate Wealth Manager

Setting up an Education Fund takes away the strain of paying fees out of your everyday income and presents your children with great educational opportunities. Here’s how.

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Investment Goals - Pensions

David Gannon, Associate Wealth Manager

Starting a pension plan as early as possible means you have more money when you retire. Let’s see why.

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Investment Goals - Transferring Wealth

Jean Barry, Associate Wealth Manager

Getting expert advice on the complex task of transferring your wealth helps create transparency and comfort to everyone involved. Let’s take a look.

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Asset Classes and Asset Diversification

Jean Barry, Associate Wealth Manager

What are the main investment asset classes and why is it vital to hold a wide variety of them? Let’s investigate this.

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Trading vs Investing

Jean Barry, Associate Wealth Manager

As a trader you buy to sell, as an investor you buy to hold, which one are you?


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Judgment Day

Analysts predict a decent earnings season, and now it’s time for investors to hold companies to that mildly optimistic standard.

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