Wealth Matters, Q4 2023: Sticking with the plan

In our latest edition of Wealth Matters Goodbody Head of Investment Strategy Joe Prendergast asks: is sticking with the plan still the right thing to do? He explains that a look at history offers a reminder that time has a powerful effect on multi-asset portfolios.

Other highlights in this edition:
-  The much-predicted recession never appeared but inflation dominated during the first half of 2023. We look back at the year that fought inflation.
- Chief Investment Officer Bernard Swords outlines a deep dive into 2023’s markets and how investors fared.
- In a Q&A with Head of Fixed Income Strategy Elizabeth Geoghegan, she tells us more about her role and gives us an idea of what to expect from the bond market in 2024.

For a comprehensive picture of our views, read the full report below or click here to view the report in your browser.

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