Meet the Team – Head of Fixed Income, Elizabeth Geoghegan and Wealth Director, Gerard Moore

As one of Ireland’s leading financial services firms, Goodbody has and will always be a people business. Building long term client relationships supported by expert advice is at the heart of what we do – recruiting and retaining great people is vital to our success. We are committed to investing in our staff to support and grow their careers.

Here you can get know our experts a little better – from their position at Goodbody and how they work with clients to their favourite podcasts and TV series, we invite you to Meet the Team.  

Tell us about your positions at Goodbody and how long have you been working here?

Elizabeth: I recently re-joined Goodbody in February of this year, having worked here previously up to 2019. I am now the Head of Fixed Income Strategy in our Wealth Management division and contribute to our overall investment offering which is ultimately aimed at meeting clients’ financial objectives. On the Goodbody Asset Allocation committee, I provide investment insights within the fixed income universe and helping to select optimal assets for portfolios.

Gerard: I joined the firm five years ago. Within Goodbody, I head up the Advisory Services team that look after a range of clients, but in particular credit unions. Our team advises credit unions across the country on their investments. Protecting these funds, ensuring regulatory compliance, and earning a strong return for clients is of paramount importance. The team has been working with credit unions for over 15 years and has built up a very strong presence in the market.  

How do you work together at Goodbody?

Elizabeth: I bring expertise and experience to the fixed income investment offerings which would play an important role in the solutions created and managed by Gerard’s team. 

Gerard: A key part of the advice that we give to credit unions is linked to the interest rate cycle. This is where we lean heavily on Elizabeth’s fixed income expertise. Her knowledge of economic and monetary policy is a real asset to our team and helps us shape our advice to clients.

How do you typically work with clients?

Elizabeth: I think the term ‘typical’ is always evolving in any role, especially when someone is relatively fresh to starting the position. However, on a broader scale I am involved in anything to do with fixed income investments.

Gerard: We work in a very collaborative manor with our clients. Typically, we hold a mixture of online and in person meetings and we are in regular communication with them. In meetings, we look to ensure that the client understands all aspects of the investment strategy and investment options they face. We also look to bring in all the additional resources we have at Goodbody, such as research from our Chief Economist, Dermot O’Leary. 

What do clients ask you about the most? 

Elizabeth: Fixed Income! 

Gerard: Our clients ask us about a wide range of subjects, but a lot of these questions effectively relate to the European Central Bank’s interest rate policy. This is why it is great to rely on additional expertise in Goodbody, such as everything that Elizabeth brings to the table. 

Have you noticed any current trends with clients? 

Elizabeth: There has been an increasing demand from retail clients for low risk fixed income investments, particularly shorter duration (maturity) government bonds. Goodbody have been working to create a lot of solutions in this area. 

Gerard: Credit unions are a real success story in Ireland, and they are growing all the time, in particular thanks to mergers within the sector. As they grow, they often expand their product offering to include things like home mortgages. We work with credit unions to factor in all these moving parts and put in place solid plans for the years ahead.

What is your favourite part of your job?

Elizabeth: Collaboration and working with others! When you are working towards constructing the best solution for client objectives, there is always a certain level of cooperation involved. 

Gerard: Interacting directly with credit unions and helping them find strong investments. It’s very satisfying to know that our hard work can make a direct impact on the financial outcome of credit unions. 

What are your favourite resources that you use for your job?  

Elizabeth: Financial Times Daily podcast. It is a short review of everything you need to know for the day ahead in markets. Very accessible, not that long and it is easy to listen to. 

Gerard: I am also a big fan of the Financial Times and their website, I think anyone interested in finance should read this paper as much as they can.

What are you currently watching?

Elizabeth: The Diplomat on Netflix with Keri Russell and Rufus Sewell. I am excited for season two!  

Gerard: The tennis documentary Break Point on Netflix – great to see behind the scenes of the tennis tour. 

Best podcast? 

Elizabeth: Unlocking Us, with Brené Brown, available on Spotify. A series of interviews with extremely interesting and diverse individuals. 

Gerard: Empire, hosted by William Dalrymple and Anita Anand. They’ve completed a couple of series on topics such as the British rule of India and the Ottoman Empire, a great listen.  

A book you really enjoyed…

Elizabeth: I read the most when on holiday and my go-to author is Lisa Jewell. I liked her 2019 book The Family Upstairs.

Gerard: Kathleen Clarke Revolutionary Woman by Kathleen Clarke and her grandniece Helen Litton - an outstanding woman and an incredible first-person account of 1916. 

How do you think the financial services industry has changed? In what ways do you think it needs to change in the future?

Elizabeth: Everything that we are seeing with sustainability. I think that there is still a lot more to do in terms of impact but also industry education, but we are moving in the right direction. 

Gerard: Financial services has become even more international over the last 5-10 years. All investors, including credit unions, realise there is a big world of opportunity out there. Looking forward, I think credit unions can play an even larger role in the Irish market and we hope to support them along the way.

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