Your Questions Answered, Q1 2024

27 February 2024

Every quarter, Ă“rla Tobin, Senior Director at Goodbody, sits down with our Chief Economist Dermot O'Leary to address questions curated by our clients through a LinkedIn poll. 

In our latest instalment of Your Questions Answered, O'Leary tackles two questions: can we expect interest rate cuts in the second half of this year? And how likely is it that house prices in Ireland will increase in Q2? 

To find out his views, watch the short video below. 





Who's building in Ireland? A census of the Irish homebuilding industry

Last week, O'Leary, alongside his colleagues, released a report which is a deep-dive analysis of the builders, contractors and developers who have been building homes in Ireland over the past five years. The data analysis carried out by Goodbody Analytics comprises of c.110,000 commencements and has identified 434 builders and 49 contractors over the period from 2019 to the end of 2023.

To access the key takeaways from the report or to request a copy of the full report, click here. 

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