Stay diversified – and stay the course: Wealth Matters, Q1 2022

03 February 2022

Welcome to Wealth Matters – a quarterly publication that presents our views on the investment landscape and explores key wealth planning themes to help build and protect wealth on behalf of individuals, families and entrepreneurs across generations. 

In our inaugural edition, we reflect on the opening weeks of 2022, examining January’s stock and bond market weakness. As we referenced in our Investment Outlook 2022-2026, we are anticipating lower returns and higher volatility ahead – but there are still good reasons, in our opinion, to stick with the plan and stay diversified.

In this issue, we also examine: 

  • Family succession planning: ways to pass on property
  • How markets are braced for the months ahead
  • Why sustainability is a key investment theme for our Next Generation Advisors

 For a comprehensive picture of our views in Q1 2022, read the full report below. 

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