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Charities and Community Partnerships

Goodbody is proud to partner with several of Ireland’s leading charities and philanthropic organisations to sponsor programmes and events that give back to the community and represent who we are as a firm.

The partners highlighted below represent the four major areas of charitable giving that Goodbody is committed to: investing in our community, ongoing support of the arts and heritage, furthering health research and prevention, and a commitment to environmental protection and preservation. Find out more about each of our partners and how we work with them below. 

Investing in Social Programmes that Enhance our Community




Dublin LGBTQ+ Pride

Dublin LGBTQ+ Pride is an organisation dedicated to raising awareness of the discrimination faced by LGBTQ+ people, by promoting diversity and inclusion in society and championing equality for all people.

Goodbody is focused on supporting the organisation’s conferences, events, and annual parade, as well as delivering Pride at Work training to educate employees about the unique challenges faced by the LGBTQ+ community. Supporting Dublin Pride is aligned with our firmwide commitment to Universal Inclusion for all employees.


Together Academy

Together Academy is a social enterprise that provides tailored training and employment opportunities for adults with Down syndrome in Ireland. The organisation offers QQI accredited training, a pathways programme and tailored supports.

Together Academy’s work is done with the hopes of improving employment prospects of young adults with Down syndrome, who currently face a 90% unemployment rate nationwide. Goodbody is proud to support the organisation’s Ballsbridge café both as sponsors and patrons.

City Harvest London

Established in 2014, City Harvest London rescues nutritious surplus food from farms, manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers, and delivers it, for free, to 375+ London community partners, feeding those facing food poverty. 

Our London office chose City Harvest as a partner as they have a tangible positive social and environmental impact, providing life-changing support to communities across London and helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from food waste.

Dublin Simon Community

Dublin Simon Community is an Irish charity offering services and support to people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. Since the spiraling of the homeless crisis across Ireland, Dublin Simon Community’s dedicated team have worked to provide life saving services to people in Dublin, Wicklow, Kildare, Meath, Louth, Cavan and Monaghan.

Sponsoring Dublin Simon Community presented Goodbody with a unique opportunity to support the community that we work in, and aid those who are most vulnerable with much needed supports.

Black and Irish

Black and Irish is an organisation dedicated to bringing awareness to, celebrating, and improving the lives of Black and mixed race people in Ireland. Goodbody supports their advocacy work, as well as their community engagement, education and outreach. Black and Irish are driven to build a sense of belonging for all members of the Black and mixed race community in Ireland, and promote a sense of pride around the community’s ability to hold multiple identities and be truly accepted.

Supporting the Arts and Creating New Heritage  



Museum of Literature Ireland

The Museum of Literature Ireland (MoLI) celebrates Ireland’s prestigious literary history, championing the writers of today and fostering the next generation of literary talent. Established September 2019, the Museum of Literature Ireland has successfully established itself as a central, creative home for diverse communities in Dublin and beyond. Goodbody is proud to support MoLI and the heritage they preserve and create through their ongoing exhibitions, events and workshops. 

The Ark

The Ark is a dedicated cultural centre for children that creates opportunities to discover and engage with art. Through The Ark’s work with leading Irish and international artists, children can enjoy performances in their unique child-sized theatre, view engaging exhibitions or participate in creative workshops.

Goodbody is proud to support an inner-city Dublin school through The Ark Access Programme. This programme provides students with opportunities to be creative and get involved with cultural events and activities from a young age, fostering a life-long appreciation of the arts.

Abbey Theatre

One of the leading cultural institutions in Ireland since its foundation in 1904, the Abbey Theatre’s ambition is to enrich the cultural lives of everyone with a curiosity for and interest in Irish theatre, stories, artists and culture.

We're happy to offer clients and employees the opportunity to get to know the work of the Abbey Theatre and to witness the production of ambitious, courageous theatre in all its forms.

Furthering Health Research and Prevention




Breast Cancer Ireland

Breast Cancer Ireland was established to raise significant funding to support pioneering research programmes, as well as to provide education and awareness about the importance of good breast health amongst women of all ages and backgrounds. Through our partnership we’ll provide funding, fundraising, employee workshops, co-sponsor educational podcasts and provide volunteers for the Great Pink Run that takes place in Dublin, Kilkenny and online.

See Change

See Change is an Irish organisation dedicated to ending mental health stigma. The organisation's goal is to promote greater understanding and support for people with mental health challenges. Since their establishment in 2010, See Change has been working to reduce the discrimination associated with mental health problems and to ensure that everyone enjoys the same rights on an equal basis.

We are happy to work with See Change to promote and advocate for good mental health and to create a workplace culture where all employees are supported.

Committed to Environmental Protection and Preservation




Native Woodland Trust

The Native Woodland Trust strives to preserve existing native woodlands, create new woodlands using native seed and provide education to the masses about Ireland’s native forests. The organisation strives to raise awareness about Ireland’s former natural landscape, native trees and how to build a more sustainable future. Goodbody supports the Native Woodland Trust’s preservation efforts, and the organisation’s ongoing educational work.


Vita is an award-winning, next-generation Irish development agency that has been partnering with women and their families in East Africa for 35 years. The organisation combines community knowledge, transformative technology, and innovative financing to help build climate resilient and equitable rural economies in regions of Africa most severely affected by the impacts of climate change. Vita’s community-led programmes deliver social impact, gender equality and climate justice. Goodbody is proud to support Vita’s sustainability work and social change initiatives.

The Irish Student Entrepreneurship Forum (ISEF)

Goodbody is proud to be a continued supporter of the ISEF, a student-run, non-profit initiative that provides a platform for student entrepreneurs in Ireland to launch and grow their businesses.

ISEF hosts a Grand Final event annually, where students pitch their best business ideas. As part of this multi-stage competition, Goodbody asks students to focus on sustainability and we award the top environmentally-friendly submission with the Goodbody Sustainability Award.


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