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Wealth Planning

Your trusted advisor

For 150 years, Goodbody has been designing plans to build and protect wealth on behalf of individuals, families and entrepreneurs, often across generations. Retaining a tradition of integrity and transparency, every day we help clients create everything from savings plans; complex pension structuring; directors’ pension planning; inheritance planning; and investment strategies.

Wealth Planning | Goodbody
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Wealth Planning | Goodbody

Why Choose Goodbody As Your Wealth Manager


Premium in-house expertise across tax, investment and pensions at your disposal.

Our long-term

We are prudent managers of money - preservation of capital and protection of wealth is the cornerstone of our approach.


clients first

Our principal responsibility is always to you the client. Our heritage is underpinned by putting clients first. 


Who Can We Help

Directors’ and spousal pensions. 
Past service payments.
Personal tax planning pre and post-sale or exit.
Personal investing strategies including diversification.
Business protection.
Corporate investing and alternatives to cash.
Staff pension plans.
Corporate structuring/exit planning. 
Cash flow modelling.

Education funding for children.
Share options and investing strategy.
Personal protection - what do you have in place.
Pension funding including consolidation of your pension pots.
Investment portfolios to grow wealth.
Financial plans to prioritise your goals and needs.
Threshold management and pension cap.
Complex pension structuring.

Inheritance planning.
Investment strategy. 
Charitable giving and philanthropy.
Next generation investment education.
Giving while living strategies.
Passing on property.
Passing on the business - succession planning.

Our Services


Wealth Structuring and Advice

Our award winning team of in-house specialists create bespoke financial plans that help clients see what they have today, what financial goals are most important and how to reach those goals. Our advice includes recommendations on the most appropriate structures to hold your assets as well as the best investment solutions to protect that wealth over the long term.


Pensions and Retirement

We offer premium level advice and technical expertise on a range of complex pension-related issues for business owner, professional and executive clients.


Passing on Wealth and Inheritance Planning

We help families estimate the potential inheritance tax liability that would be payable and from there can consider and recommend what estate and succession planning may be appropriate to best preserve wealth through the generations.


Investment Advice

From planning for retirement to growing and preserving wealth, our team can offer advice on the optimal investment solutions and structures available to meet a wide range of financial goals that align from a timing and a risk perspective.


Protection Review

We undertake thorough reviews of the protection policies you might already have in place and what gaps might exist. We can assess how suitable existing arrangements are compared to what else is available in the market. We can make recommendations on costs, levels of cover and whether you are over or under insured in all aspects of your life from income protection to life assurance. Goodbody also advises business owners on key-man insurance, shareholder protection and co-director insurance.

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