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Guiding you through a changing environment

As the largest independent advisory service provider in the Irish market, our dedicated Charities Team has unique experience and understanding of the sector with over 70 years’ combined experience. Our specialist knowledge ensures that we can be a truly valuable partner to Charity clients. We have a strong track record working with not-for-profit organisations who have been subject to a challenging and changing regulatory environment.

How Goodbody Charities team can help?

portfolio management 

We develop individualised portfolios to meet your objectives and circumstances - from managing cashflow needs to applying socially responsible policies.

you in your work

We provide Boards, Trustees and Management teams appropriate investment advice and guidance on corporate governance best practice.



We can provide advice, access and investment capabilities to best-in-class products globally - an important market differentiator.


Working in Partnership with You

Investment management and advice, while forming a major component of our service is just one part of our offering to this sector. We can also help reduce your administration burden through:

  • Cash and treasury management services.
  • Guidance on complying with regulatory requirements.
  • Developing investment policies.
  • Strong audit trail and transparency via written recommendations.


Goodbody and Boardmatch

Goodbody is a sponsor and partner of Boardmatch, the charity that specialises in not-for-profit board recruitment and training, to offer our support to not-for-profit practitioners. Boardmatch matches individuals that are looking to volunteer their time and skills at board level, with charities and not-for-profits that have board and committee vacancies. Its core objective is building the governance capacity of not-for-profit boards. Over 1,000 not-for-profits are registered with Boardmatch and to date Boardmatch have placed over 3,000 candidates onto not-for-profit boards. This partnership demonstrates Goodbody’s commitment to this sector as our reach in the sector has grown considerably to c. €4bn in assets under management for this type of mandate. 

Goodbody and Boardmatch have co-authored a report, Ireland’s Not-for-Profit Boards: Catalysts, Challenges and Compositions to capture the experiences and insights of current and aspiring charity board trustees in Ireland. This report examines trustee sentiment about diversity, onboarding, recruitment and areas of opportunity for additional training – ultimately painting a picture of what it’s like to serve on a Not-for-Profit (NFP) board in Ireland.


Speak to the Charities team today

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