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Once in a Lifetime

Orienting your business for a successful exit

When the time comes to sell or depart their business, business owners are often not fully prepared as navigating the process can be challenging and time consuming. This in-depth report from Goodbody takes you through the set-up, execution and aftermath of business exits from both the personal and corporate sides of the transaction. 

Once in a Lifetime | Goodbody
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Once in a Lifetime | Goodbody

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What you should know about business pre-sale structuring

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How the food sector has put sustainability at the top of the corporate agenda

Joe Gill

In our Food Investing and the Green Economy 2021 conference, we explored how agri-food sustainability is now top of the corporate agenda for the food sector.

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Complexity of lessor restructurings

Ciarán Flynn, Goodbody and Samuel Sibony, DC Advisory

More and more aircraft lessors will need to restructure their balance sheets to reflect the dramatically changed conditions which highlights the value of specialist financial advisors

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