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Best 8 - Our Top Trading Ideas

With Goodbody Best 8, we’ve neatly packaged Goodbody’s 8 most compelling trading ideas into a dynamic, actively-managed basket targeting a net return of 8%+ within 12 months.

Best 8 | Goodbody Active Trading
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Best 8 | Goodbody Active Trading

Why Best 8?

Track record of superior returns
Own positions in best performing companies as recommended by us. 

Hassle-free trading
Unique service - overcome the many challenges faced by DIY investing.

Leverage our experience 
Benefit from market-driving themes that we identify and trade on your behalf. 

Annual profits subject to CGT only. 

Our Performance


Best 8 - Historical Performance versus the FTSE All World Index

Security1 Month 3 Months12 MonthsInception
FTSE All World+2.3%+12.1%+15.2%+65.0%
Best 8+2.4%+8.2%+11.1%+62.8%

All data above as at 31 January 2024. All performance returns expressed in Total, Gross euro terms. The inception date for Best 8 was 1 April 2019.

Warning: Past performance should not be taken as an indication or guarantee of future performance.
Warning: Past performance is not a reliable guide to future performance. 
Warning: The value of your investment may go down as well as up.
Warning: If you invest in this product you may lose some or all of the money you invest.


How it works?

  • Best 8 is an equal-weighted stock list representing Goodbody’s top global equity ideas for the next 12 months. The list contains up to eight stock positions in medium to large companies operating and listed in developed markets. 
  • Fundamental research is at the core of our decision-making, and we use secondary indicators (e.g. technical analysis) to inform our market-timing only. We have strict risk controls that eliminates loss-making positions early. In times of heightened uncertainty and volatility we are decisive and reduce market exposure quickly.
  • Designed for clients who want to own a selection of potentially outperforming shares but lack the resources to make properly researched and well-timed choices.
  • Managed on a discretionary basis - we make the trading decisions on your behalf.
  • Suitable clients can invest in Best 8 on a standalone basis or to complement a diversified portfolio. 
  • Both personal and corporate clients can invest in Best 8.
  • A minimum initial investment of €150,000 applies.


Examples of Historical Trades


The team bought and sold this idea three times as part of the Best 8 basket over a 14 month period, generating strong trading profits each time. 


The team identified McDonald's as a potential COVID-19 winner given it's structural advantages and defensive attributes in a highly uncertain demand environment. 


The team successfully traded this stock twice as part of the Best 8 basket between June and December 2020, generating strong trading profits each time. 


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