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Goodbody and Sustainability

Because the Goodbody origins stem from principles of stewardship, integrity, and community by life-long entrepreneurs, it is in our DNA to create long-term prosperity. And we believe that long-term economic prosperity is increasingly interlinked with environmental and social risks and opportunities. That is why sustainability is a core pillar of our strategy and is implicit in our values. But our ambition is greater - we have set our sights on being a sustainability leader. We see sustainability as a driver of innovation and a source of competitive advantage and future revenue growth. Throughout our 150-year history, we have witnessed many changes, but the decades ahead will be unprecedented, as the climate crisis and other global sustainability challenges transform how we live and work. The links between people, planet and economic prosperity have never been clearer. We believe that the changes we are facing present major financial risks but also significant investment opportunities. As trusted financial advisers, we have a responsibility to proactively manage the risks and opportunities and to enable our clients to future proof their investments and commercial strategies. We need to provide advice today that is fit for tomorrow. In the last 12 months, we have made progress on our sustainability journey, identifying areas that we can have an impact as a business and gaps that we need to address to meet our ambition. 

Martin Tormey
CEO, Goodbody

Our approach

To advance our approach to sustainability, Goodbody undertook its first materiality assessment in 2022. We engaged an external partner, SustainabilityWorks, to conduct this independent analysis and help us advance our ESG strategy. The methodology applied followed the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) principles and included a review of industry best practices and emerging trends; peer assessment; and stakeholder input (including clients; prospects; staff; and vendors).

Issues identified

By ranking the relative importance of ESG issues via proactive engagement with stakeholders, it ensures the top priority issues are explicitly captured within the strategy that we have developed for our firm. Over the next 12 months, a dedicated Sustainability Taskforce within the firm will have responsibility for actioning and progressing key actions and we will publish progress and milestones periodically.  

Our strategy framework

Linked to our purpose, we believe that we can contribute to long-term prosperity of our clients if we anticipate and respond to the risks and opportunities linked to the defining challenges of our time – including climate crisis. At Goodbody, we are doing this by leveraging our propositions, our influence and our sustainability expertise to future proof our clients’ investments and commercial strategies.

Key Focus Areas

Good governance

  • Embed ESG risk management via our RCA process and also our policies and procedures
  • Incorporate ESG into our governance and oversight committees and specific climate reporting

Sustainable propositions

  • Review existing proposition set as well ESG risk analysis process 
  • Introduce additional green/impact investment opportunities for our customers
  • Develop client education programme for wealth audience

Our people

  • Invest in upskilling sustainability understanding across the firm 
  • Set an ambitious gender diversity target and report transparently on progress
  • Incorporate sustainability KPIs in our employee performance reviews 

Economic progress 

  • Develop a structured ESG evaluation framework for our equity research and integrate into all research product
  • As sectoral experts, build a reputation in sustainability expertise and use our influence to accelerate the ambition and action needed to deliver on the sustainability agenda and contribute to national and international climate and sustainability goals

Milestones So Far


In 2020, Asset Management became a signatory to the UN PRI and our approach to ESG is guided by the six principles

Sustainable Trading

Goodbody is a member of Sustainable Trading Initiative

Article 8 Funds

In 2022, 100% of our Asset Management UCITS funds were reclassified as Article 8 under SFDR

Our footprint

Scope 1 and 2 emissions data now included in AIB Group reporting


Our community

Award-winning community partnership programme


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