An Enduring Brand

We are proud that the Goodbody name has been part of Ireland’s economic story for centuries and our contribution to Ireland’s growth. From the Goodbody’s family’s earliest ventures in milling, tobacco and manufacturing, to the sophisticated financial services firm we know today, various Goodbody enterprises have made significant contributions to the country’s growth and development over the years. Of the original 19th century brokers’ names, Goodbody is the only remaining one. So, after more than 140 years of stockbroking, the Goodbody name has endured, as has its tradition of hard work and commitment, and serving the client. Read more about the Goodbody history here

Our Organisation Structure

Goodbody is a proud member of the Fexco Group of companies. Our Executive team is responsible for the day-to-day operational management of Goodbody.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Goodbody

The Goodbody Corporate Social Responsibility programme is based on 4 central pillars: Giving; Environment; Workplace and Marketplace. Goodbody recently published its first CSR Report which sets out the firm’s approach to taking responsibility for and delivering positive impact on social, ethical, environmental and consumer matters. Read the report here. As part of our Giving initiative, we aim to support a number of designed organisations in our community. We are delighted to announce that An Cosán are Goodbody's choice charity for 2019 - 2020. Our focus, as a firm, will be to channel all fundraising activities towards An Cosán. Some of our additional sponsorships and partnerships include:


Goodbody is a leader in its field and is ranked by both its clients and by industry awards as a top company in its sector. As a company we are keen to invest in people, to grow and develop their skills and to 'grow our own staff' in line with our people strategy. As part of this strategy Goodbody, as a large Irish organisation, was certified as a Great Place to Work in Febuary 2019. The importance we place on our people and on career development has been recognised and Goodbody has been a finalist in various country-wide awards throughout the year for its investment in people including: